My Anorexic 9-Year-Old

by fadel sultan on September 12, 2014 - 10:52pm



Summary: The article talks about a 9 year-old girl that suffered from anorexia. The girl was born less than six pounds at birth than an average person. When she was four her mother discovered that she was anorexic from putting sunblock on her back. Just from touching her back, she felt her pointy bones. After that day her mother started paying attention to this problem and realized everything because her daughter started asking questions like “Are my legs fat?” and “Do you think I’m fat?”. The mother was in awe. After the shock, the mother took her daughter to a doctor. The doctor referred them to a children’s hospital. They set her on a diet to gain the 7 pounds she had to gain to be like the average person’s weight of her age. The daughter was finally treated and got better.

Critique: Anorexia is a very serious problem and especially to teenagers, Teenagers go through a serious phase where they are under pressure from a lot of things. Anorexia comes from psychological or social factors or it runs in the family. The girl was a victim of a psychological disorder where she had no hand in what was happening. Because of her young age, she wasn’t wary neither did the parents. There was like a signal during her birth where she was underweight. They should’ve fed her more. They had to pay attention to her weight and eating habits. At the end of the day the parents don’t know what is occurring in her daughter’s brain and the daughter is also not wary due to her extremely young age.


I agree with you, anorexia is a very serious problem. It is an uncontroable mental disorder. With out being aware of such a disorder the child could have fallen very sick or it could have gotten even worse where she would be obsessed with being skinny and would refuse to eat.

I think the case used in the first part of the article is very relevant to show the gravity of the situation and the expansion of anorexia.
I agree that this eating disorder mostly affects teenager but as shows the 9 years-old girl case, victims are becoming more spread in age than before. I would like to specify what really anorexia is and to explore more in depth the causes of it to put readers more in context. So first, according to the article “What is anorexia?” it is a disorder where people starve themselves to death because they truly think they are fat. These are people that do not eat or eat very little and exercise all the time because they want to lose weight quickly.
Furthermore, according to this same article there is not one specific cause to this disorder. However as mentioned in the article family history, psychological distress, personality traits and environmental influences seem all correlated with this disorder. For example, in Joseph Goldberg’s article, they demonstrate the relationship between anorexia and perfectionist people. A common profile of anorexic is an A student wanting to attain perfection in most domain and believes that being thin is a requirement to be happy. In addition, they are generally people very sensitive to media standard and that have low self-esteem. These two elements would make the article more complete with the example provided.

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