Mental health and Schizophrenia

by phillip on September 12, 2014 - 9:50am

Schizophrenia: Schizophrenia is a severe schizophrenia disorder that sadly can’t be cured and the person with the disorder has to live with it for the rest of their lives. However there are ways that we have created to help people with this disorder co-op through life with this major disorder that has consumed their life. Schizophrenia causes people with this disorder can cause them to lose distinguish between what is reality and what is imaginary. This can also cause them over time to lose touch of reality. People with this disorder can have a bazar or shocking behaviour. People with this disorder can have different emotions randomly, but it doesn’t have the same problems as multiple personality disorder. However some people can get rid of schizophrenia and some can’t at all.
I personally find this crazy that people with schizophrenic start losing touch in reality after a sometime and the way that emotion can change over time. I would like to learn more about this disorder. An interesting one, but a sad one as well as there is no cured to help these people that are diagnose with it.

Bibliography: Web MD Schizophrenia Health Center


What is it like to be suffering through a serious and severe disease?
Starting at teenage,I, myself have been diagnosed with severe Schizo-Affective Disorder I do believe that living life with this illness can be tough, not only do people judge you the wrong way but end up having a different perspective of the person. Matter in fact, the Psychiatrist, do prescribe medication that the person with this disability takes in order to lower the chances of severe harm. It takes, years after years, but yet there is no end to final cure. The doctor has prescribed me medication by the name of, Clozaril – 450 mg, as it has been almost two year but there have been slight changes but not a final result. I question myself, do I really need to take this medication for the rest of my life, and why me, why can’t I be normal just like others? That’s why I hide myself, feeling scared. With many symptoms such as, psychosis, hallucination, bipolar disorder etc..I do agree, that this type of disorder, does make the patient lose touch with reality. Living life, as a human being, just like others can be tough but I try. I live at home but hospital is my second home, in which I have spent most of my teenage life. Studying, what I like best, but concentration has tackled me crazy.
I ask myself, what should I do?