by gabemiller95 on November 26, 2014 - 3:36pm

Luka Magnotta

This article gives a timeline to Luka Magnotta’s mental health history. An abusive mother and an alcoholic schizophrenic father raised him; he’s been taking heavy prescription medication for over a decade, and has had episodes of memory gaps. An example of his schizophrenia was when he was admitted to the Mount Sinai Medical Centre in Miami, even though he was living in New York. He did not remember how he got to the hospital, being in Florida, or for how long he had been there for. He had been a visiting psychiatrist since he had moved to Montreal. One of the few main professionals he dealt with, Marie-Frederique Allard, said his schizophrenia was out of control a few years prior to the incident. Dr. Joel Watts, another psychiatrist deemed him schizophrenic and claims he was suffering a schizophrenic psychotic episode during the time of the murder.

The articles seem to lean towards the defenses side, only because they show more of their story. Therefore, it frames him as a broken, emotionally battered child who grew up in a sad, dysfunctional home. With his parents being the way they were, and with his mental issues that became progressively worse as time went on, he became a danger to himself and society. His memory blanks and his detachment from reality only make him more of a threat to the world. He is not a threat because he is a bad person, but because of the fact he could act in a way that is dangerous to others without even knowing. His not knowing how he got to Florida is a sign that the unexpected is possible with him. What happened here is a build up of traumatic life events, mixed with mental illness coming together to create the ‘perfect storm’. It is one man who was not paid close enough attention to and was sent to roam the world freely. Essentially, he was a ticking time bomb waiting to explode. This event could have been prevented had he been under more strict watch. With the history of mental illness that he had, he should have had a police officer close by, similar to the situation in the movie we watched. 

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