June 9th Justin Bourque

by jayscavo on October 10, 2014 - 6:51pm




In june of 2014, Justin Bourque from Moncton, N.B. fatally shot down 2 Canadian Mounty Police and injured 2 others as well. Justin Bourque was using a semi-automatic rifle in this june incident. This 24 year old pleaded guilty and still has another court date in the end of october this month. He was sentenced to 75 years in jail without parole. Justin was also found fit and mentally competent to go into trial after getting a psychiatric assesment. Victor Bourque the father of the shooter claimed to the police that his son was ranting days before the incident about the police and that he was kicked out of his house for having a gun. The shooter was also being paranoid about authorities as well. Justin pleaded guilty to killing the of the mounties and also said he had planned on killing the ones he injured as well.


a) I think that the shooter Justin was giving the right help especially by his family. He should of been sent to a doctor or authorities should of been called on him for the ranting and acting paranoid. Justin could of been faced with prior problems with authorities making him mentally ill and paranoid because of PTSD from a trauma. 

b) I think it happend because he wasnt treated for his paranoia and the rants about the authorities wasnt taken seriously by his family which it really should of because normal people wouldnt take it to an extent. By taking to an extent i mean by getting a semi-automatic rifle because of paranoia sounds abit crazy. He needed help thats why it happend.

c) I think it was very preventable by his family. If they would of took him serious and got him to seek help by a specialist this could of been preventable as well as if they knew he got a gun and could of been dangerous authorities could of been called. If his family stepped in there could of been a different outcome of the situation. Now he has to face the penalties from the event that is no longer preventable.

James Hughes-Scavone



I agree with you 100% in the sense that if his family took the initiative to step in and seek out the help that he needs, and that could have changed the whole outcome of the situation like you stated. Your response was very clear and very understandable.

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