'All she'll want for Christmas is two front teeth': Cruel Facebook jibes after boozing mum punches policewoman

by fadel sultan on October 10, 2014 - 9:57am

1. Article Link: http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/all-shell-want-christmas-two-4413074 

2. Summary: On a night out, Suzanne Porter punched a police officer in the face. She is 25 years old and has a child. She then posted a picture with the police and the floor and her dress covered in blood and captioned it "ruined". Apparently Suzanne and her friends were at a bar and got too drunk. They then went out and was disturbing the neighborhood. So the police came to them and they were very arrogant. At one point Suzanna ran away but the police caught her. At the end they arrested Suzanne and her brother, who was also there, and was threatening the police.

3. What happened before was that they were at a bar and things got a little out of hands and they got drunk. When they got drunk, they disturbed people around them and that is why the police came. When they police officers came theymight have felt intimidated or paniced. That is why it escalated and things got disruptive. Maybe she had problems in the workplace or in her private life and that is why she acted this way.

4. A) Suzanne porter drank too much and maybe had problems elsewhere and it led to her punching a police officer. It was either she was blacked out from the alcohol or she felt intimidated and paniced. 

B) I think it happened because she paniced. She saw a police officer in front of her trying to arrest her. I think she had problems in her private life that led her to doing so. She was anxious, in a bad mood. Anxiety sometime leads to physical tension and that is what happened here.

C) People that feel pressure or anxious in life should not drink alcohol. It plays with brain and makes you do things that you will regret. Also the last thing you want to do is punch a police officer.



I definitely agree with you, especially regarding the last point you made. Alcohol should not be consumed in excess by people who have a tendency to be a little more anxious. Obviously she made an extremely regrettable decision and will have to pay the consequences. Although, if you think about it, anyone could have made a mistake like this, depending on how much you really drank. Alcohol can sometimes bring out the absolute worst in people, to the extent that they become a whole different person. We definitely saw this is in Suzanne's case.

I agree with you. If she has a tendency to not be able to control her drinking if it gets out of hand, she should limit herself to not drink so much. But in the end, she payed the consequence by punching a police officer in the face because she was obnoxiously drunk.

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