16 year old girl held in hospital against her will

by MalloryJ on October 11, 2014 - 9:14pm




16 year old Justina Pelletier was held in a hospital against her will due to a custody battle that lasted 16 months, after being home for only 4 months she was then rushed back to the Yale/New Haven Hospital this past Sunday with severe back pain.  Justina suffers from mitochondrial disease; she was admitted to the hospital in September when they claimed it was a false alarm.  The family was embroiled in a custody battle with the state, they believed her genetic muscular condition was a stress related mental disease that was caused by domestic abuse.  It is said that mitochondrial disease is extremely hard to diagnose, many people who suffer from this are often accused of fraud or being abused by their parents.  Justine was held in a psychiatric ward, she claimed the staff was “mean and nasty” they accused her of faking it.   They stated she had somatoform disorder which is an anxiety related; sufferers feel real pain but it cannot be medically explained.  Between 0.2-2% of females and 0.2% of men in the US have been diagnosed with somatoform disorder.  Her family claimed she didn’t have it when she was admitted to Boston’s children’s hospital.  She was held in a psychiatric ward where she couldn’t see her parents without welfare supervision; she spent most of her time in a small room without television.  She was finally released in June after being in relative captivity for 16 months.  She is now believed to be suffering from mitochondrial disease


Intuitive summary:

I believe that before this article this young girl was suffering from this horrible disease.  But because it is so notoriously difficult to diagnose no one believed she really had it.  Her energy levels could have been still been high, which is rare in people suffering from this disease. 



Justina suffers from Mitochondrial disease, which is a genetic disease, its inherited or passed down from one or both parents.  The first time she went into the hospital was because of back pain that is when the doctors found out she has mitochondrial disease.  Sufferers are often accused of faking their condition, or having abusive parents, this led to the custody battle.   I believe this happened because of the nurses, they falsely accused her parents of abuse, which led to the whole situation.  

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