A stop to Abortions

by scruvellier on October 20, 2013 - 11:11pm

Many clinics in the states are no longer offer treatment for abortions due to legislative attacks on those who provide these services. Judges have put a temporary stop to certain clinics giving them difficulty to continue the abortion treatment process.  





This article was short but caught my attention because I personally do not believe that abortions should have a stop, putting a stop to abortions can not only cause risks and problems for the baby but also for the mother. I am neither pro abortion nor against it. I believe that if one has the right intentions and goes through an abortion for the right reasons then it is ok. I hope that this temporary stop and shut down to abortions won't continue to spread to other countries or get completely banned, in someways abortions lead a healthy life.

In my perspective, I have to disagree with Sophie's final statement because I strongly agree with this new policy because young teenage women are not taking this matter seriously. They believe that if they get pregnant and they don't want the baby, they can easily turn to having an abortion. Abortion is extremely wrong and pathetic. I don't understand how an individual is able to abort a poor innocent child who doesn't deserve to die while they should be living. No individual must go through this awful process of trying to abort a baby because they are not ready for the physical components of taking care of it. If you don't want to get pregnant, you must wear protection in order to help yourself stay away from this situation. You must take action and be very responsible when it comes to sleeping with another man. Therefore, abortions must come to a complete closure in every country and province. This will allow individuals to realize that they must be careful and take per-caution at all times. Don't abort. It's an extremely negative prospect towards our society that we live in. I certainly don't believe that any culture should follow this concept of aborting. Furthermore, it should definitely be banned across the world.

Everyone has their own opinion, and i agree that it is wrong for people to abort a child especially when they know what can happen, but the way that i see and think of it is that when your aborting the baby it's not even a baby yet, it's just an it, its wrong but what if you don't have the money, what if you cant support your own child. My opinion differs on this subject especially if someone was raped. Personally if i was not careful and got pregnant i would keep the baby. but if i was raped and got pregnant i would abort the baby. Abortion should have some opening, some okay to it. I definitely should not be banned but someone should have a good reason to have the procedure done.

I have to disagree with tiziana.ox's comment against abortion. I understand your point of view that everyone should use protection when having sexual relationships, but I have to disagree with your argument that "abortion should be banned across the world." I think it makes no sense to say that abortion is "pathetic". In my opinion, abortion should be a choice. Let's say that a young girl gets raped and gets pregnant with an undesired father. If abortion is abolished, she will have to keep the unwanted baby. It makes no sense to me that the poor young girl would need to stop her life to carry this baby after being raped. Imagine the damages it will cause to the family and to the girl. She will might need to retire from school during her pregnancy, the family might not have the money to provide the child whatever he needs and the child will only remember her of when she was raped. According to me, taking away the right to have an abortion is taking away the ability for a woman to control her body. Rather than focusing on the action of abortion itself, the implication of taking this choice away from women is not fair. Personally, I think that abortion should be controlled, depending of the circonstances, but not banned. Thank you! If you want to argue you can comment.