Kitson Prescription Drugs Shirts Draws Outraged, Law Suit Threats

by Sabrina20 on October 21, 2013 - 11:22am


The articles talks about how a boutique called Kitson are promoting prescription drugs called Xanax vicodin and adderiall on their t-shirts and selling them. The Ad caused a lot outraged to the people on twitter and the drug companies because it’s serious matter and it can cause death. These drugs are used to treat for anxiety disorder panic disorder, pain adhd and narcolepsy. It’s common for many celebrities to take them but its caused many death ad illness because taking to much of these drugs. Heath ledger, Whitney Houston Brittany Murphy and Michael Jackson, and thousand of people have died because drug abuse on their prescription drugs. The drug companies do not like the fact that they are getting blamed because of the promotion.  Two drugs companies replied to TMZ magazine. The company who makes Adderall  said that they were not involved in any of the promotion and they do not agree with this promoting this drug. The company Vidicon said that prescription drugs should not be ignored and it’s serious issues, they want to sue the store. The store is currently in a lawsuit for promoting this ad.

I don’t agree with the promotion of drugs because they are very serious and mostly used for people who have mental disorders. Why would people want take these drugs just to have fun, it’s not laughing or a fun matter? I find we should try to find another way of promoting them to people who need them to be cured and fight their illness. 


I agree with you, this is not a laughing matter drugs are a serious problem and their has to be other ways
to cure people fighting their problem, Celebrites are more tricky because they are easier to get a hold off and
doctors will do anything for the money and also they dont want to fight the celebrity team.

Thank for your opinion. i agree with you that doctosr will do anything for money. We have to find doctors who are honest to their patients so that the patients can make their own choice.