Population growth is still the biggest problem facing humanity

by beatricegiguere on March 6, 2018 - 9:29pm

In the article “Population is still the biggest problem facing humanity”, Gary Peters argues that the number of people on earth will soon outstrip our natural resources. In order to solve this important problem, he thinks that we should implement rules in countries where the amount of birth is still very high. Another important point is that Peters underline the fact that the number of birth should go down instead of waiting for the death rates to go up, it is very important that population growth stops now, otherwise the human race will suffer from it. The author also mentioned that controlling birth is not inhumane, it is necessary for our survival. Another aspect of the article is his response to a part of the article “The Population Bomb: Has It Been Defused? He argues that it is true that the population growth has gone down since 1970, however the population is still growing very fast, which is worrying. Consumption is also an important issue but he thinks that some authors put too much emphasis on this issue and not enough on population growth. Furthermore, the article demonstrates that not enough people care about the subject and too many think that “exponential growth can continue forever in a finite world”. More people on the planet also means more pollution and more ecological problems which is very bad on the long-run for our planet. Finally, the reasonable solution would be to reduce the number of child born to women to one, so the population could go down to what it was in 1900. Otherwise, no ecosystem will survive and we will outstrip our resources.


In my opinion, I think that limiting women to have only one child is a little bit intense. I think that people need to get use to the change and the culture is already changing. During the time of our grandparents, they had around 5 to 8 children maybe and now it is between 1 and 4. People are already adapting to smaller families and maybe if we try to implement elsewhere on earth this mindset, people will have fewer children. Overall, our consumption is also very important to consider, we are in a society who likes to consume, spend and make money. This is for sure an important problem and we should be worry about it.




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