Government of Canada protects Marine Species.

by ChaiEl on April 20, 2018 - 10:54am

The following article “The Government of Canada protects Species at Risk habitat” has for purpose to justify how several marine mammals are at risk in their own natural habitat. The author of the article further puts the blame on climate change, which is resulted by our actions (again!). As mentioned in class, several causes can endanger the ocean; coral bleaching, ocean acidification, fish migration and many others.  According to the article, Canada has issued a warning to protect several species from serious damage, this includes: the North Atlantic right whale, the Beluga, and three fishes: Spotted gar, Eastern sand darter, Rocky Mountain Sculpin and one mollusc specie: Northern Abalone. The honourable minister LeBlanc is taking strong measure to make sure we can find potable solution that could recover some fishes in certain locations by looking into their historical background (where they were born, gave birth, raise their larvae). In the meantime, any human activity that could jeopardize the oceanic habitat of those species are restricted. The author also stresses the case of high mortality rate for marine mammals in the Gulf of St. Lawrence during 2017, by specifying that the North Atlantic Right whale (which is endangered) has an increasing number of appearance in the Gulf where it has no protection or whatsoever. Several solutions have been proposed by the Government of Canada’s Oceans Protection Plan where the North Atlantic right whales in the Gulf to be protected as fast as possible by doing research on the avoidance measures, which environment would be best, etc. so it doesn’t come across the marine resources of future generations. Alternatively, more measures suggested to look into the cause and effects of the threat by understanding in depth how this can be avoided and to add more Fishery Officers the report the incidents.


Opinion: I like this article because it is an event that is occurring very close to us. I find it interesting to know how these species that we hear so often about are endangered. I mean, we know that there is approximately one million species in the ocean, where most of them are either unknown or unfound but we still heard of, also the ocean covers around 71% of the earth surface. With this in mind, I could imagine that if common and well-known species such as Beluga and North Atlantic right whale are endangered, the rest of the marine species must be going through worst (extinction). I also strongly with LeBlanc, that strong measures should be taken.

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