Effects of Global Warming

by maurane on April 3, 2018 - 10:43pm

The article “Effects of Global Warming” by Alina Bradford and Stephanie Pappas inform us about the different effects that climate change has on our planet. According to the article, the main cause of the heating of the Earth surface, atmosphere and ocean is human activity especially the burning of fossils fuels. Indeed, the article claims that more than  197 international scientific organizations affirm that global warming has been caused by human activity. In terms of the effect that global warming has on the planet, the first one that Bradford and Pappas mentioned is the increase in average temperatures and temperature extremes. In fact, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration affirm that in the past 100 years,  the temperature has increased by 0.8 degrees Celsius. Temperature extremes also is a cause of global warming. Indeed, the article explains that the polar jet stream migrates to the south. Therefore, the artic air is brought to the south which explains why some states have colder winter than normal. Another manifestation of climate change mentioned in the text is ice melting. According to the National Snow and Ice Data Center, there is 10% less permafrost in the northern hemisphere than there was in the 1900s. An important side effect of ice melting is that the sea level is rinsing. The article claims that the global sea level has risen about 8 inches. Alina Bradford and Stephanie Pappas explain that If the sea level continues to rise at is speed, most coastal areas will be inundated. The authors continue by explaining how climate change affects the ecosystem. In fact, animals are following comfortable temperature so as the north is warming, animal migrates to the north. But the problem mentioned is that many animals are not able to compete in the new climate and can go extinct. The last effect of climate-changing mentioned in the article is the loss of food securities. They explain that since climate is warming agriculture systems are destabilized and makes it harder to cultivate.


In my opinion, this article is well structured. Every consequence has its own section which makes it clear to the reader. Also, the fact that it gives a lot of examples to support their sayings makes us realized, even more, the impact that we have on the earth. Moreover, I believe that the fact that the article has a lot of references to specialist makes the article even more credible and interesting. Furthermore, I believe that it is eyes opening that the author clearly states that it is us, human, that made this happened instead of just explaining the effects of climate changing. I believe that it is important that human take responsibility and realize the harm that they do to the earth.



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