Canadian Renewable Energy in 2014: Where We Are And Where We Could Be

by Stefan on February 23, 2018 - 11:06pm


This article titled “Green energy sector jobs surpass total oil sands employment”, written by Richard Blackwell for The Globe And Mail in 2014, underlines the great progress recently made in the Canadian renewable energy sector, as well as a few roadblocks slowing down its development. The author references some of his informations from a report by Clean Energy Canada, and also quotes its director Merran Smith. For example, Blackwell mentions how the report revealed that the number of jobs created from the renewable energy sector recently exceeded the number of jobs linked to the oil sands, with 25 billion dollars invested in the green energy sector from 2009 to 2014. One of the issues pointed out by the author’s quotations from Merran Smith and from the report was that the federal government subsidised the oil industry more than the renewable energy industry, despite its rapid growth in efficiency and popularity. Another issue that the author tackles is the fact that companies from other countries are investing more in our clean energy industries than our own local companies, for which Blackwell quotes Smith once more.


Since this article dates back to 2014, when Canada was under a different leadership, I am curious to see how the different statistics from the report by Clean Energy Canada have evolved in 4 years. Moreover, I do believe that both our federal government and private/public industries should prioritize renewable energy over fossil fuels when it comes to public and financial endorsement/investment.  


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