Article Summary #3 (April 3rd)

by Stefan on April 3, 2018 - 3:02pm


The article “Sea Level Rise Will Flood Hundreds of Cities in the Near Future”, written last year by Laura Parker for the National Geographic, outlines the imminent danger of flooding faced by certain coastal cities due to global warming. Parker explains that persistent flooding is already a problem that nearly a hundred communities in the US have to struggle with. She further states that cities such as New York, California, and Miami will be some of the newer places to experience the same kinds of floodings before 2100. The author references a report published by The Union of Concerned Scientists, which also predicts a troubling scenario for the end of the 21st century. She elaborates on the report’s predictions, the strongest of which foresees the sea level to increase by an approximate 6.5 feet due to the effects of global warming that progressively cause large areas of ice to melt. Ultimately, Parker concludes by pointing out that the authors of the report do believe that the previously mentioned rise in sea levels can be less impactful if GHG emissions across the world are sufficiently and consistently reduced.

The only people that can actively and concretely make a change are the people in power. Therefore, I believe that everyone should get involved in politics to put pressure on local governments to adopt better environmental policies and ultimately elect officials who will have a greater impact on the reduction of their local GHG emissions. One of the more significant roadblocks in slowing down the effects of climate change in my opinion is the the fact that giant corporations, who essentially pollute for profit, have too much power and influence around the globe.

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