Comparison of Depletion of Water in Developing Countries and Canada

by ngeorgi on September 24, 2015 - 10:05pm


  In this article, a comparison between the use of water in developing countries and Canada is presented. In fact, the purpose of the article is to raise awareness on the problematic use of water in these two different worlds. Indeed, it demonstrates how the use of water can be limited not only in developing countries but also in Canada.  According to the UN Population Fund's State of World Population 2011 report, the over population in developing countries arises the demand for drinking water. Thus, there is not enough water for everyone. On the other hand, people living in Canada take water for granted. Canada does not know how many water resources they have. Canadians then deplete this natural resource as if there was no end to it. Furthermore, Lester Brown, an author and founder of the Earth Policy Institute, mentions that “agriculture accounts for 70 per cent of the water used every year on the planet”. This leads to the fact that the demand for water emerges not only for drinking but also for producing food. It takes a lot of water to grow only a little amount of food through agriculture. To conclude, non-governmental groups like One Drop come in and educate people in developing countries through theatre about water. This group was created by Guy Laliberté, founder of Cirque du Soleil. Moreover, this group partners with Oxfan to bring water to very poor places. 
  In my opinion, as a Canadian citizen, we think we are lucky to drink as much water as we want compared to other places on earth where people can be deprived from it for days. Water is a crucial natural resource used in our daily lives, therefore it needs to be used in a sustainable way. One of the simple solutions could be to give awareness on the conservation of water in homes. It will consist in giving tips to families on how to conserve water as much as possible. This responsibility could be given to each city separately. In addition, we should have more water organizations to really make a difference and have an active support of more Canadians.


This article presents a lot of interesting points and is very relevant for us. People here in Canada are not always aware of how fortunate they are. I agree with the fact that we need to be educated about our overuse of water and realize the consequences leading it. It is crazy to think that here we can have water anytime we want it while, in other places of the world, people need to walk several kilometres only for a bucket of water. We should definitely be more conscious of our impact on natural ressources and it is true that organizations could help with that.

I agree that as Canadians we take water for granted. This organization does as well, Programme D’economie D’eau Potable has goals to reduce the amount of water the Quebecers are using daily. They do that through multiple appearances in events and present ideas and tricks for everyone to learn how to use less water every day. If this is an issue that bothers anyone, they can go to one of their presentations, which are free and open to the public and use their tips and tricks to reduce their water consumption and share their tricks with the people they know and this way it will keep spreading and we can consume less water altogether. If anyone is interested in seeing the presentations all the information on where to find them and when is on their website :

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