Youth Helping Youth

by SO on April 10, 2014 - 2:55pm

In a very recent article published on Canberra Times, a young adult in Australia is doing remarkable efforts to help sick children. James Harrington, who is known by his friends as Jimmy, is a 20 year old who has decided to walk 16,000 km around Australia raising money for The Brainchild Foundation


He was inspired by a little girl named Emily. Jimmy used to work at a cafe, and nine year old Emily was a regular costumer. She was a happy, kind child who would brighten faces everywhere she went. However, Emily had a brain tumour, and unfortunately passed away. Her inspirational story struck a cord in young Jimmy’s heart. He believed that kids shouldn’t die at such a young age and decided to team up with the foundation and walk around Australia raising money for research. 


At the moment the article was written, he had walked a total of 12,500 kilometres and raised over $110,000. Along the way, family members have supported him on his journey, especially his mom. When his 16,000 km walk is over, he hopes to attend University in Brisbane, where The Brainchild Foundation is located and become a counsellor around the area where she first met little Emily. 


Hopefully, after his fundraising event is completed, he will continue working with the foundation to create multiple projects. When someone cares as much as he does about a cause, the sky is the limit! (Certainly not a 16,000 km road!)


Original Article: A 16,000 kilometre walk to support sick children


Author: Ian Warden, columnist for The Canberra Times.


This article specifically drew my attention because the world needs more people like this. People who will go out of their way to help others even if it means they’re going to have to walk 16,000km. James understands and values children’s life and he knows they shouldn’t be dying at such a young age. By him making this walk he is raising thousands and thousands of dollars to help make sure that this doesn’t happen to other children around the world. A lady my mom worked with had a similar situation happen to her. Her daughter died of a brain tumor at age 12 and her work had a benefit for her but there was no one walking across the country to raise money. It is acts like the one James is doing that will help save the world and make people better in the long run

A theory of Change

Stories like this show why we need more people in the world who are willing to go such lengths for people they hardly know. When people go to such great lengths to help others or collect money to donate to foundations that work towards helping kids with diseases it makes you want to do something like that too. A player on the Michigan State University basketball team also helped out a young girl by visiting her in the hospital and bringing her to all the games she could make. More articles should be published showing the good in the world and try to encourage others to make a change. With the amount of people in this world a huge change can be made if everyone worked together and this is a great example of an average person that is making such a big impact on everyone in the world.

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