Gravitational waves

by po.boutin on October 31, 2017 - 12:50am

Lately, I’ve read a news about gravitational waves. Last August, two neutron stars entered in collision which created a huge explosion that resulted in many gravitational waves and radioactive material.  The first waves ever detected were in 2015, but with the last events, scientists have been able to detect for the first time light from a gravitational wave source.  They also could observe the effects of that encounter between two neutron packed stars. At the moment it was detected, astronomers from all around the world focused their equipment on this extraordinary phenomenon. Many of them manage to collect information, which allowed to confirm many of their theories, as Albert Einstein predicted as well.


In my opinion, the article was very interesting and well adapted to everyone. Everything was vulgarized as much as possible so it’s understandable. All that was happening during the phenomenon is clearly related. However, I feel that it lacks of information of what this discovery will bring to the future.  Also, I think this is the beginning of a very interesting future for humans. With that discovery and others to come, our society will get one step closer in the understanding of our universe, so we will be able to exploit those knowledges for our own benefits.  Since I’m a big fan of the space and his mysteries, this article was perfect for me. Also, our planet is getting closer and closer to our its limits, so space is the future for our species. The study of it is necessary so we can find a way to live without destroying our home, which makes it a priority to our world.


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Seriously, I really like this article, because, just like you, I am a huge fan of all space's stuff. I thing it is a great advancement in science. But, I do not not agree with you when you said that the future of humanity isn't on earth. I truly believe that, with all others scientific improvements, humanity will find a way to help the Earth and conserve it.

I agree with you, scientists are surely already working on that, but in my opinion, our planet has limits and to overcome it, we'll need to exploit some resources from space if we want to help Earth.

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