No coal, No problem?

by Mclout on November 25, 2016 - 2:40pm

line-height:200%">It looks like Santa won't be bringing anybody coal at Christmas. The federal government announced its 'plan' to phase out coal electricity by the year 2030. This is all part of the of the government’s plan to reduce green house gas emissions. This is all part of a global trend that Canada is hopping on board with. Closing the coal plants is said to reduce the green house gas emissions equal to taking 1.3 million cars of the road. There are currently only 4 providence that use coal: Alberta, Saskatchewan, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. Coal is only responsible for 10% of the energy used in Canada. The environment minister proposed that coal is part of a public health concern and that its elimination will not only have positive effects for the environment but the citizen’s health too.

line-height:200%"> While this policy acceleration is popular Hmong those who are already coal free, it had serious financial and feasibility concerns for those who are naughty and use Santa’s delivery to power their providence. Premier of Alberta spoke out in opposition of the announcement due to the potential economic concerns it print about. Others, such as the premier of Alberta will not need to make changes to attain the federal governments goals and seed the benefit as they experience 300,000 in medical coast that are coal related every year.

line-height:200%"> Once again we see disagreements among the provincial governments about a federal emissions regulations. This is possibly the title of the Trudeau government. Form carbon tax to the phase out of coal, nothing is popular nationwide.  Why do we see so much conflict with these important decisions? I will argue two reasons.

line-height:200%"> First let's talk money. Time and time again the environment takes a hit for the economy. While some see value in increasing tax dollars to protect our home and native land, other would rather revive a lump of coal and a cheap hydro bill. This value conflict is the stem of many environmental problems. Behavioral conflict is no stranger to this sector as the batter between the energy sector and the environment race to the bottom. The federal government and providence where energy production is a staple have been in a constant battle. Why does energy usually win? Well that again is because on the money and jobs it brings to Canada. That's right kids, if you bring your coal form Santa to coal plant, you will get money! Just another incentive to put earth in harm’s way.

line-height:200%"> Next, we see the lack of planning by the federal government. Their announcements set great goals and give little guidance on how to get there. The 'Walk up the stairs but close your eyes and I won't hold your hand' approach or the lassize- fair approach form the federal government is criticized as it leave the provenience to make plans to reach goals they don't have a say in. The federal new-liberal free market approach to environmentalism is one that has opportunity for great success, but without guidance this nation cannot grow to its full potential. It's cheaper to pollute then not too and coal power serves the economy.

line-height:200%"> To all this is say "it's 2016" it's about time we grew up and away from coal. What I want for Christmas is a clean Canada for me and my kids and their kids and their kids. Some snow wouldn't hurt ether. So kudos to the federal government for making this 'bold' move but let's sort the conflict and provide some guidance. After all, we are all friendly Canadians with glowing hearts and stocking full of ... Not coal? Let’s hope. 

line-height:200%"> Harris, K. (2016). Liberals present plan to phase out coal-powered electricity by 2030. Retrieved November 25, 2016, from

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I am a fourth year environmental governance student. I am passionate about environment, and usuing reasources sustainably. I am from northern Ontario and hav a great appreciation for the outdoors and the beauty of nature.