There’s a BUG in my food!

by christiano_s17 on September 25, 2013 - 11:40am

What has more protein then beef, I a lot cheaper than beef and has 6 legs, not 4? Well if you’re thinking along the lines of a bug, then you’re on the right track. A group of students from McGill figured out how to make flour using insects. The reason they came up with this idea was to make it easier to cure hunger for a lot of country’s that are not as lucky as ours. The students from McGill U. MBA won the hult prize of one million dollars from this project.

Amazing idea and less money to make it but, will people actually want to eat it even when they know that there is insects in there food? Most people never eat someplace due to having a small hair in there food. Protein and iron are lacked in today’s society due to fast food restaurants and junk food. Mixing insects with the food will supply a lot of protein and iron. Especially crickets.

One of the students already held taste test at a market and compared tortillas with 10% insect flour and other 30%. Some people did not notice the difference and some said it was better. More protein and iron means that your brain will appreciate it. This will hopefully cure hunger and the team will have a satisfaction and a new era of better and smarter food. For deeper information and more answer please visit.

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