Recent evidence shows that mental health can be influenced by nutrition

by camille.hebert on October 23, 2013 - 12:40pm

I chose this article because I am interested in nutrition and mental health and I wanted to know how they were related.

Food plays a large role in development, management and prevention of some mental health problems like depression, schizophrenia, attention deficit, hyperactivity and Alzheimer. According to the Mental Health Foundation (from Scotland): ``Nearly two thirds of those who do not report daily mental health problems eat fresh fruit or fruit juice every day, compared with less than half of those who do report daily mental health problems.`` This evidence shows that eating fruits daily could contribute to a better mental health. The Mental Health Foundation also noticed that patients with mental health problems eat less healthy foods (fresh fruit and vegetables, home-made meals) and more unhealthy foods (chips, candy, take-outs). Adequate amounts of every nutritional components (complex carbohydrates, essential fats, amino acids, vitamins, minerals and water) can ensure balanced moods.

I would like to make more research on this topic to understand how nutrition concretely affects every mental illnesses. By reading the article, I liked the part where they gave tips about healthy eating on a budget. It is often a challenge for young adults to eat healthy when they start to live in an apartment with less money for grocery. They suggested that first of all, by cutting on unhealthy foods like chips and candy, you will already have more money remaining to buy healthy foods. They also advise that buying frozen fruits and vegetables can be cheaper and avoids wastage, but keeps the same nutritional benefits.

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