the real horror movie

by christiano_s17 on September 11, 2013 - 12:10pm

For some it’s a horror movie come true, for others in a tragedy then no other would like to experience. As we all go on a fun delightful day to spend time with family and friends at a amusement park, we always go on the rollercoasters for the adrenaline rush.


In Arlington, Texas a women fell to her death while riding a giant roller coaster. News have reported that they have re-done the entire seats, new belts and redesigned restraint bar pads. Six flags is known for one of the best amusement parks and I can imagine the shock of someone actually falling off to her death. It’s always a fear that is in our head but we tell ourselves it won’t happen or it nearly impossible. Well for people who like to get a real adrenaline rush, maybe rollercoasters can give it now that you know that they are more dangerous than you think.


The six flags will be re-opening very soon, until then investigators are trying the best they can to see what really happened during this horror movie. For details visit


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