Picture of a dead teenager used to promote a dating website

by camille.hebert on September 18, 2013 - 11:45am

It is incredible that an event like this can happen, with all the sensibilization being done right now around cyberbullying. This story makes us think about the importance of our privacy in our era.

Rehtaeh Parsons died after attempting suicide last april. This attempt happened after she suffered months of bullying after a pretended sexual assault. This event was covered a lot by the medias in Nova Scotia at the time. Not only that Rehtaeh is the victim of sexual assault and her pictures is being used to advertise a dating, she also is minor. The parents are disgusted by this story and Facebook permantly blocked the advertising account of Ionechat.com.

To me, this story is not only about sexual assault or cyberintimidation. It also touches everyone for the protection of our private life. When we post some content on Facebook or on any other website, we leave a stain that it impossible to delete. Even after our death, those informations will remain and could be used without our permission. When we are young, we think that our embarrassing posts can be removed when we want, but later when we start a carrer, someone can be able to retrace those events of our past.