paid to do what on their phones?

by christiano_s17 on September 4, 2013 - 12:11pm


                Funny as it sounds, even the most known and serious people go on their iPad and phones during big events and meetings.


                During a no confidence vote, 66 year old Simeone Di Cagno was on his iPad looking at escorts. His excuse was that he just nearly got the iPad a month ago and his finger slipped. Others have been caught playing cards and football games on their tablet and shopping for items like watches. Some have also been snapped making online gambling bets and browsing catalogs and basically not paying attention to the important meeting that the whole world attends to.


                I find it highly ridiculous that these professional people go on their iPad to look at cloths, escorts watches and more instead of listening. There people are politicians and are highly paid to make decisions for the country and not play on their phones and iPad.



I strongly agree with you! If you want a job in politics, and want to change the world for the best then there should be more interest to what is being spoken of in the meeting than to their IPads, even if they are “new”. In my opinion, there will never be an excuse to do such an act. This makes me think also of the U.S Senator, John McCain who admitted to playing a poker game on this IPhone during a congressional hearing. I find this just as ridiculous because there was no shame. He said that the topic was boring and that after listening for so long then you are bound to get distracted. However, my point again, if you are willing to go into politics and run for an important part of society, I believe that it should be taken more seriously and if this is prone to happen more often then something should be done about it.
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