More dinosaurs ?

by christiano_s17 on September 11, 2013 - 11:13am


Well as we all know from the commercials Jurassic park (4) is coming out. They are going to re name is Jurassic world. It will be coming out June 12 2015 in 3D.


In my opinion these movies were amazing until the third one. Sequels are purely made because of money. They have made 1.9 billion dollars from the first selling Jurassic park until now. Once again, the powerful Steven Spielberg will try to work his magic in order to make another award winning movie. But who knows? Maybe it might be worth watching. The “dinosaur” phase was a good one, then vampires came in and so and so. Maybe it will bring back small memories to people who fond about dinosaurs or the young people who grew up with all the Jurassic park movies.


Well I will be attending the premiere of Jurassic park just to see if they did the job Im looking forward to seeing. For more detail visit.


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