Grand theft auto 5

by christiano_s17 on September 18, 2013 - 11:57am

On a better side of the news, the fifth grand theft auto came out this Tuesday for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. This might be the game of the year due to the pre-orders being at 6.1 million on the first day it came out.  The game is sold with tax 67 dollars roughly.  Meaning the first day they sold 408 700 000$ million dollars. The owners of the game Colin Sebastian of Robert W. Baird expect to get 1 billion dollars in the first month of sales.


                In my opinion, the game is extremely well made. They have put all the top selling games all in one. It’s a first person shooter, racing game, including the customization of your car to an extreme length and it has the obvious adventure that everyone wants. The game composes of 3main characters that relate to each other with crime money and drugs. In this game you live someone life with money and cars and stealing. Which is basically everything you won’t do but here’s your chance to all this without actually getting in trouble.


                This game is a 5 on 5 for me. The previous GTAs were a success and the fifth one is even better. Not including the graphics, the game adventure is off the charts. The map is 4 times bigger than the previous GTAs.  For more information please visit.


i agree with everything you are saying about how the creation of the game and the gameplay is amazing. BUT, at the same time, i have to disagree with you. The map is not 5 times bigger than the older GTA's, in fact it is much smaller than most. Other GTA's have more than 1 city, where as this one only contains 1 main city, and everywhere else is mountains and farms. It is not bigger nor better, but that is just the map, all the other additions to the game are incredible and amazing.

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