Electronic readers helps the reading of people with dyslexia

by camille.hebert on September 25, 2013 - 11:59am

I know a lot of people around me struggling with dyslexia and I hope this method could help them and make their life easier.

People with dyslexia often have issues with visual attention, causing them to skip lines or words when they read, which makes the understanding of a text way harder. The e-readers, programmed to show only a small amount of words per page, reduce the amount of visual distraction around the text. The small screen, only displaying a small amount of words makes it easier to concentrate than a full sheet of paper filled with sentences. Using an e-reader really improved the reading speed and comprehension for some of the 103 students taking part in the study. However, only a third of the students tested were affected by visual distraction, the students with other types of dyslexia got better results with the regular sheet of paper.

This e-reader is a good news for dyslexic people affected by visual distractions because it can help them to get better grades in school and stay motivated. It can be discouraging for a dyslexic student to persevere in school as the amounts of readings get bigger and bigger. I hope that some other solutions will come up to help other types of dyslexia.



As you said in your post, it really helps people with dyslexia problems because e-readers only present few words per line. This new technology helps their comprehension, speed and it is easy to read. Students or people who have a visual attention deficiency benefit from the e-readers but people that don’t have these problems don’t benefit from them. I think that the electronic readers are a very good technology because it helps people that have issues of concentration or dyslexia. This technology should be allowed in all school for these people. One of my friends has this issue and she has to go at a special school because she has difficulty to understand what she reads and what she learns. So maybe if they allow it, some dyslexic people will have the chance to go to a normal school.

For more information go on: http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/266346.php