death comes with a price!

by christiano_s17 on September 4, 2013 - 11:33am


                It used to be a classical burial when It came upon a death. It started with burring the dead. Then other ideas came with cremation. Since 2007 the average cost of burials and cremations have increased by 69% and 51%.


                The price of a burial of a loved one has no price. With that being said is it bad to take advantage of that? To engage and inflate the prices every year? Most people already have the pain to deal with the deceased but to add, there is a fee to pay of nearly 5 thousand dollars to burry your loved one? It is said that if the prices continue to inflate at this rate, by 2018 it was cost 4,326 Euro to burry someone. All this being said is without the ceremony or flowers, those are extras.


                It is sad to think that after losing someone there’s even a financial loss that can affect most people that are not as fortunate financially.


You are totally right, when loosing a love one, you are in shock and very sad. Knowing you need to bury the body of your love one, you go to a funeral home and they use your vulnerability so you can buy bigger caskets and then make more money. They use the tactic “The family wants to have a memorial burial for their dead brother, sister, uncle, etc. and then we’ll sell the best of the best. You are right that 4k euros is ALOT to bury someone.

Morally thinking, its completely outrageous to think that people get rich over your sadness but yet it still happen because funeral companies are in need of money to keep their business running !

Lucky for us, we have insurance that cover the cost of those caskets and ceremonies; but only if you take them. Some say its stupid to buy insurance but we all die one day !

I agree with your opinion. Most people who have to deal with the death of a loved one does not also want to deal with the cost of the burial of the person they didn't want dead in the first place. Some people inherit the debt of their loved ones as well, which certainly does not help the situation. Is it a matter of profit or of actual reasoning to the increase of price? It is sad to think that there are people who try to make profit off the mourning others. However, there are other options to go with. Here is a link giving reasons how cremation is a good option.

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