billionaire auctions

by christiano_s17 on September 18, 2013 - 11:58am

Versace, former known for his accessories and high end products is selling his previous mansion due to bankruptcy of Peter Loftin. The mansion’s starting price at the auction was a whopping 25 million dollars. It was sold to a business that includes the owners of Jordache jeans brand. They out bid 2 people during the auction including billionaire Donald trump and a Florida developer who owns the Palm Beach Polo and Country Club.


                This beautiful cattle has 11 bathrooms, 10 bedrooms and a pool laid with 24 karat gold. This 23 000 square foot mansion is hand painted with frescoes and Italian marble and gold bathrooms. The bidders were supposed to sign a contract to prove that they can pay the house. The minimum deposited was 3million dollars. They paid all of it. Cash.


                A mansion worth that much is for people who have no idea what to do with their money. 41.5 million dollars can be useful to do A LOT of things then buying a house to live in. of course 41.5million dollars is probably just pocket change. Even Billionaire Donald trump was outbid.



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