Preventing Texting and Driving

by Magal1 on September 13, 2013 - 3:26pm

New Approaches to End Texting While Driving


        This article explains the threats of texting and driving and how distracted driving results to 90% of collisions each year. Patrol officer Brian Pennings even states that texting and driving is more lethal than being under the influence while driving because the ability to drive itself demands for the driver to be a multitasker. Pennings recommends the use of assisting apps that help silent messages while someone is driving. This assures that drivers can be mentally engaged while on the road. After informing high school children on the topic, Pennings believes that the decision to text and drive is an “adult decision” and he hopes the young adults make the right one.

        This subject of discussion is critical to the developing society today because so many people text and drive on a day-to-day basis. Most younger adults have the perception that they are invincible, or nothing bad could happen to them. This whole concept struck a chord with me, because not only are people endangering themselves through irresponsible driving, they are also threatening all of the innocent people around them. The awareness stressed in this article should be more publici zed in efforts to discontinue texting and driving as a whole. (Professional Safety, 2013)


Professional Safety. (2013). New Approaches to End Texting while Driving. Professional Safety , 58 (9), 16.


I totally agree with your post, this is an issue that concern everyone. Even if you are directly touched or not, we should not let the driver text while he is driving. However, there is not only teenagers who have this irresponsible driving. All drivers should be informed how dangerous it can be to text and drive at the same time. Also, advertising and awareness campaigns should educate all age groups. Does more severe penalties may reduce this type of driving?

I’m totally sharing your point of view. On my opinion I think texting while driving should be banned and more measures should be taken. I’m going even farther: calling while driving should be restricted. Some people just can’t do 2 things at the same time and using their cellphone while driving is just too dangerous. On the other hand, some people are able to talk in their car when they use their hands-free system. We should impose some tests to verify if the person is competent when doing these 2 things or we need to find a way to remove cell phone from driving. This only cause incident and is bad for our society. However I don’t think we will lower accidents only by sensitization. We need to use some radical measures. There are some applications for phones that are already on the market. It uses the location of your phone and blocks it if you are in your car. This is a site that explains the misdeed of using phone while driving:

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