Gender Dominance, the road to inequality in the workplace

by ecaro1 on October 20, 2013 - 1:23pm


Gender (in)equality is a main issue within workplaces where one gender may be preferred over the other.  In the nursing workplace, women are the preferred gender over the men.  In the article, “Gender (in)equality among employees in elder care: implications for health” 45 employees within the workplace volunteered to be a part of a study where they were a part of elder care, they approached the employees` feelings towards gender inequality within the workplace.  The results from what the people said within the workplace about gender inequality was all about the same, there were some people using stereotypes and there were others basing their views off of one`s certain skills and personality in order to explain the certain job description that they have chosen.

This research done within the article was okay, there were a lot of parts that contribute to a solid research journal that were missing, one of them such as the consequences, where the research that was done led to no certain conclusion as to why there actually is gender inequality within the workplace.  In the article`s data collection tables 1 and 2, there was only the select few reasons to why some people may discriminate based upon a gender dominating workplace.  The data in the tables was vague, but there was a certain reasoning from the author`s point of view on the issue. 



Elwer, S. (2012). Gender (in)equality among employees in elder care: implications for health. International Journal for Equity in Health, 11(1), 1-11. Retrieved from


Interesting subject as a social issue. North America tried since a long time to reach this equality in every field of life such as the workplace. It is not always easy to change the mentality of an entire population. But one step at a time, we will succeed. I liked your example showing that women were the preferred gender over men in the nursing workplace. I admit that I had this prejudice inside of me which believe that men are the preferred gender most of the time. Your summary helped me to have a better understanding of the inequality in the workplace toward women or men.

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