Elder Abuse in Nursing Homes

by dmill8 on November 4, 2013 - 10:16pm

The increasing amount of people needing care outside of the home is relative to the amount of abuse cases found in nursing home and elderly care facilities. There are many types of abuse ranging from mental, physical and psychological abuse to financial exploitation and neglect. Research shows that women are more likely to be the victims of abuse in general, which conflicts with the numbers associated with nursing homes. Males are more likely to become victims of abuse in nursing homes. There have been many laws enacted recently to help prevent the abuse of nursing home residents, and also to protect older individuals in the first place.

            The fact that nursing home abuse is becoming more common is actually quite sickening. Seeing as this is a place that people send their loved ones to get care that cannot be provided at home, and they expect to have their loved ones treated as they would treat them. The abuse taking place in nursing homes can be stopped by making sure that the residents are given proper care regularly. The businesses that are just in it for the money, are most likely the ones that are acting in this way. If they actually cared about the quality of a person’s life, and not just the money they are paying, maybe the elderly wouldn’t be treated the way they are getting treated now. 





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I agree with you. Elder abuse is extremely sickening, who in their right mind would harm a elderly person, might it be physically or psychologically. I think that the best way to prevent this type of situation in a nursing home would be to send inspectors on regular basis. When these vulnerable person are being abuse they rarely denounce dude to them being scared of their oppressor(s), or they simply do not have access to a mean of communication or resources to do so, by sending inspectors on a regular basis on surprises unexpected visits could help catch these horrible actions. As you also say some companies are there for money and often charge insane charges for services such as a bath, sometimes these people use extortion to steal their money.

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