When even your lawyer calls you crazy...

by Emilie Victoria on February 10, 2015 - 9:41pm

John Jonchuck, 25, is being accused for throwing his 5 year old daughter off Skyway Bridge in Tamps Florida. Now investigators have discovered that child abuse phone calls that were made for Phoebe Jonchucks wellbeing were not taken seriously just 12 hours before phoebes body was found in the river. A week before the incident a concerned caller told the “Department of Children and Families” that Phoebe had been physically abused. The hotline claims that they didn’t feel that 5 year old phoebe was in any danger and instead of calling back they closed the case “according to documents released by Florida child welfare officials”. But the caller according to the hotline was not so concerned about Phoebe but John’s mental health and was not turned over to investigators. John Jonchuck is now going through psychological evaluations to determine his mental health but is still being charged with first degree murder of his daughter.

Why would someone throw their child off of a bridge to their death? What kind of person do you have to be to do such a terrible act? Johnchucks argument presents itself as religious, he believed that Phoebe was not his daughter and he had rid of her for religious reason. Even his own lawyer had said about the case the case “Its craziness and it doesn’t make any sense and he’s out of his mind” I say, obviously.

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