Raising Awareness

by Emilie Victoria on April 20, 2015 - 7:47pm

Over the past century the issue around the extinction of big cats has become a big issue. Form keeping the big cats as pets, to killing them to make big money in the black market, we all need to become more aware of what is happening to these cats but as well what we can do to help. The article “Here Are 10 Shocking Reasons Why Big Cats Need Your Help To Survive” gives us ten different reasons why big cats need our help. The author Sara Heddleston explains different ways of how the exotic cats are being exploited, providing a different outlook on the species and insight on what is happening to them around the globe. I find this article kind of a paradox, because yes we do need to become aware of how we can help, but what can we possibly do being so limited to access in order to make a difference. Can we make a petition or do we have to physically be at zoos or bust the black market in order to stop the exploitation? People who write articles to make the issue of the cats a prominent issue strive to unveil the truth about exploitation, as this article does.




I found this article very revealing about big cats. We do not usually consider having exotic animals in zoo's as a negative thing. It however is. There extinction is partly because of them all captured to be placed in a zoo, and also because of black markets. I assume that there are several associations that want to bring help to exotic animals such as big cats, in order to preserve them in our nature. Your article relates to one of my article itself, because my article is also about helping animals in the world. Moreover, it is about a couple that saves a lot of miserable dogs all around the world. Here is a link to my article:

Overall, I appreciated your article a lot, but I think you should of gone deeper, such as finding articles that are made by scientist to prove the evidence you have proven in your article. Nice job!