A Man's Best Friend left to Die

by TL13 on March 15, 2015 - 8:41pm

“Dog recovering after being shot, tied to train tracks in Florida” by The Associated Press published March 15, on CTV News.

You can probably already guess the issue that is going to be addressed in this news summary. In Florida, a dog shot and tied to train tracks left to die was found and rescued. The dog, Cabela, was released from the veterinary clinic to continue its recovery. The two main suspects, who are involved with dogfighting, had sold the dog to two 17 year-olds. They were all charged as adults for animal cruelty and one was charged for possession of a firearm without a permit. They were also denied bail and it was revealed that they had tied Cabela because he refused to fight. There were no witnesses to the incident; however, the four men were caught on camera walking to the railroads with the dog on March 4th. Click here for full story.

As you can see, animal cruelty is a big problem. To be honest, I’m glad to see that people are being punished for their actions. After reading this article, I came upon many non-profit animal organizations. One organization that stood out was the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA). After reading this article, I knew I could and had to help make a difference. The SPCA is an organization that protects animals from all sorts of cruelty and their number one priority is the animal’s well-being. Donating can always help, or else, there are always volunteering opportunities. Help in anyway possible in any animal shelter near you. However, there are some requirements needed in order to volunteer. Click here for more information on volunteer requirements and opportunities.


Stories like these really sadden me. It is horrible what people can do to defenseless animals and it seems that they try to find the most cruel ways to do these acts. I am also glad that these people got what they deserved, but it doesn't stop the fact that things like these are still happening all the time. Another non-profit organization that can help with this issue is the Animal Rescue Network. Their goal is also to give shelter to abused animals, but entering as a volunteer has a few requirements. Nonetheless, if you are good for the job, there are plenty of volunteer opportunities and the organization is located here in Montreal! Here is the link: http://www.animalrescuenetwork.org/

These types of stories are the saddest to hear about! It kills me to know that people are hurting innocent animals that can't defend themselves, especially this story in particular as they tied the dog because he would not fight. The World Animal Protection Organization is a great way to see the good in the world and how much people care. The organization does so much from animals in communities, to animals in the wild, to ensuring animals on farms have good conditions, etc. Volunteering is a difficulty as this can be an seen as an international organization that works with the government to educate people on the importance of animal care, however, it is always interesting to read and can lead to other volunteer opportunities if not this one. To read more about them you can just follow the link: http://www.worldanimalprotection.ca/ourwork/

The only way I can think to describe animal violence is with the word cruel. In my mind it is that plain and simple. It is beyond me that there are some people in the world that would mistreat or abandon their animal. I mean, once an animal is used to living in a home and being fed on a schedule by a human, it can be extremely hard for them to survive on their own. I am a firm believer of adopting through shelters, and this shelter has done great work in this province. I think your news summary can link to this shelter because your summary points out a type of evil in this world and this shelter is looking for ways to limit that evil. They are always looking for people to volunteer their time.

This is a very sad story I also saw on the news song with my family even though there are no witnesses to the crime but they do show a picture of the animal before it was euthanized. Hopefully someone can recognize the dog and maybe even point out if they saw the animal with someone or know who it belonged to. I believe that if you are to own an animal, you have a responsibility to take care of it. Who knows what the problem was between human and animal for this brutal attack to happen, was the dog viciously attacking someone or did they just not want the responsibility of taking care of an animal. No matter the reason, this act is quite disgusting and justice needs to be served. The SPCA provides shelter and care for abandoned animals or animals who have been confiscated to be placed into better homes, but some spca shelters have a 3 day policy and euthanize the animal if not adopted or retrieved. This shelter provides care o all animals they take in, neuter them, expose them to humans and play. If someone can't take care of their animals or an animal needs to be placed in a better home, this place is a great place. there is also opportunities to volunteer; play with the animals, take them for walks, treat them with specific medications etc... they are a great group of people and i am probably going to volunteer there myself. check it out and for additional volunteer information they will either send you a message on Facebook or email.


I cannot understand how humans can be so cruel against an animal. It is just unbelievable. I already posted something about cruelty against dogs too, but it was more specific. It was about the use of shock collars to raise dog, it is completely a torture for the animal. The SPCA is a worldwide organization that can provide the health of the animals. They want them to be happy and loved. Those animals at the SPCA needs a house. People can simply go for volunteering at the SPCA directly, or even adopt a pet at this place is a very nice action too! Here is the link to get the additional information about this organization: http://www.spca.com/

Unfortunately, I am aware that animal cruelty still persists around the world but I had not heard of this case in Florida before reading your post. I am glad that the perpetrators were arrested and tried as adults for such senseless crimes should not go unpunished. You seem to argue from a utilitarian perspective because you characterize the harm done to animals as a negative impact on our society, a cruelty I also find abhorrent. Your post got me thinking and I decided to further research the moral dilemmas that arise from dogfighting. If I continue your philosophical approach that seems to be utilitarian, then we should probably discuss John Stuart Mill, the man who elaborated on Jeremy Bentham’s axiom: “the greatest pleasure for the greatest number.” Although dogfighting could provoke happiness for a few human beings, this joy is only characterized as carnal pleasure, which does not correspond to the intellectual pleasure, prompted by Mill. Indeed, the latter states that humans possess “faculties more elevated than the animal appetites.” Hence, dogfighting corresponds to a human’s animalistic pleasure and not one of higher intellectual pursuits. Thus, this practice does not contribute to the greater good of society. Finally, according to the code of ethics, dogfighting is an unjustified and immoral action that should be condemned. Thankfully, it is illegal to participate or even attend dogfighting in the United States and Canada. However, it remains extremely difficult to punish those individuals since they have to be caught red-handed. Sadly, this practice is still legal in certain countries around the world (Wikipedia).

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This is a very sad story, especially for dog lovers like me. The story was very well explained. There are many perspective on this issue, which could create a debate. One perspective that I will show you is the Deontological perspective which believes that we should never use people for our own purpose, we should treat everyone and everything as having a great value. We should always respect. The Dogfighting obviously goes against this perspective because the dog should be treated with respect. Moreover, The people who did this did it for their own purpose.