Killed by lack of empathy

by Do234 on March 17, 2015 - 12:01am

The XXe century was a good year for the abolition of the death penalty. Canada abolished it in 1976, like a hundred other countries during this century. The United States did so in 18 of his states, which represent only 36% of all his states. In the article 'Why the death penalty is so crucial to the Boston Marathon bombing trial' written by Mark Berman on January 6 in the Washington Post, we learn that the Massachusetts, a state that abolished the capital punishment in 1984, is actually considering the possibility to derogate from the law, more than 30 years after its establishment. The Justice Department is looking for the death penalty for the perpetrator of the Boston Marathon bombing, Dzhokhar A. Tsarnaev. The jury selection, which began in January, will constitute of 18 people who cannot be against the capital punishment. Since 17 out of 30 of Tsarnaev’s charges carry the potential for the death penalty, the trial will merely be about if he should be sentenced to death or not in the case he is found to be guilty in any of the accusations. A majority of Americans still favor the death penalty, but a Boston Globe poll shows that 57% of Massachusetts people support a life sentence rather than the death penalty.

According to me, to kill a criminal without giving him/her any possibility for rehabilitation is an evidence of our society’s big lack of empathy. The budgets spent on endless courts and on expensive life sentences could be used to development better rehabilitation programs. The fact that a majority of released criminals backslide in the years following their release demonstrates how ineffective the system is. Inmates should have access more easily to support, medical care, psychologists etc. More visibility should be given to those condemned prisoners, more campaigns should be initiated.  The population needs to develop its empathy a bit more. In France, the organization ECPM (Ensemble contre la peine de mort) acts since 2000 to abolish the capital punishment. To encourage this vision, anyone can initiate information, media or awareness campaigns. Lobbying actions can be undertaken against political authorities. As a volunteer, your help would be appreciated anywhere!  


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