Juicing: Is the body really appreciate it?

by Amelie E-D on February 10, 2015 - 8:36am

Original title: Should you juice? Fans of detox diet call it a health 'reboot'
Date of Publication: Monday, October 7th, 2013                                                                                                                                                     Alexander Mandez


Juicing is a new trend that everybody wants to try because the comments about this lifestyle are really convincing and it seems to be a good way to lose weight fast. I already try it not a long time ago. According to me, it is true that you feel so good and energize, but not for a long time. I’ve done it 3 days and for me, it was enough because more than that I don’t believe I would have survived. The problem with that kind of diet is that you lose weight so fast, but after you are out of this, you gain all you lost because your body do not have the time to assume what it lost. It could be useful if you know what you are doing. What I mean by this is that before you start the cure, you have to eat very light during maybe  3 to 5 days just to prepare your body and make it feels that you are going to make a change. What I mean by light food is like fish, a lot of veggies, fruits, almonds, but no red meat, rice or bread. If you want, you can even start juicing without stopping to eat radically. After the period of juicing, you have to return to your habits, but slowly. The same steps than when you prepared your body before juicing. In this way, you have more chances to maintain your weight loss. If not, the chances are that you gain all what you lost in 3 days and sometimes gain even more. The fact is that even if you are juicing, your body has its caloric need, it is just in a different texture and for the brain it is harder to assimilate that you are satisfied because it needs to understand that you are biting in something, this is another reason why it is very difficult. People say they are doing this first to detox their body, it is like a way to hide that in fact, they want to lose weight. However, do we really need to detox our body? The dietician Deborah Levy said that “There is nothing the medical literature to affirm that the body needs an outside source to cleanse itself” because the body already has the organs to detox by itself. Levy also recommend doing a juice detox for no more than three days. Even if there are some negative points, it could be helpful for some people. It is not everybody that is able to eat his or her seven servings of fruits and vegetables portions in a daily diet so juicing is a good way to include them.

People need to be aware of what are the benefits and the consequences of juicing before doing this diet. They have to do a little bit of research just to know exactly what to do. They also have to test their body before doing this detox for a long time. I would suggest trying once for 3 days and after extending the number of days if the body reacts well.



I believe the source is reliable because it is not only a source on the Internet, it is also one of the most important English TV channel. Also, it is not only the opinion of one expert, it is people experiences, which means that the journalist who wrote this article asked people to be able to base what he says on facts stronger than only specialists’ opinions. 


I think you point out some interesting facts. Also, the way you introduce your opinion and own experience of the issue was very well executed. As someone who has a strict diet composed of meat, feculent and veggies, that it is not always easy. I agree with the fact that for someone who is used to eat fast food or a lot of meat, pasta, etc., that it is not easy to change its habits. Of course, if your body is used to receive a big amount of calories (from fat, carbs and protein), it will be a shock when suddenly you stop providing so many calories. The best thing to do is, like you wrote in your article, to continue eating while juicing, in order to keep the intake of calories at a higher level. If you would revise your article, you could add that if someone wants to maximize the results of his detox, that daily exercising helps the fat loss and well-being.