Inspiring Woman

by Amelie E-D on March 17, 2015 - 1:21am

Original title: One Woman Is Helping Children in Shelters Realize Their Dreams with a Camera Lens

Author: Alexandra  Zaslow

Date of publication: January 11th, 2015


Helping others might be something that seems hard to do and we often think that we do not have time for this, but it could be so graceful that you choose to do this for your whole life. Young children that are living in shelters because they lost their parents are even sometimes it is just because their parents do not have enough money to raise their child, should be something that our world should take into consideration. I am pretty sure that nobody would like to be in this situation.

 Fortunately, a woman living in Detroit decided to start a project that is called Pictures of Hope, which is not quite popular actually, but it is growing slowly. She started this project in 2014 and already visited 14 cities in United States. Linda Solomon is a journalist and photographer who decided to show children all we can do and how life can be amazing with a simple camera. She received a camera for the first time when she was 5 and since this, she says that “with a camera, I always felt like I could see life in a different way”. She goes into shelters throughout USA, make a presentation for children to explain them what she is doing in life, and shows them celebrity pictures she takes. After that, she surprises them with a camera. First, children write a list of their dreams and hopes in life. After, she is lending them the camera to take this dream in photo. Some children never thought that a camera could be that helpful for them to realize that their dreams are all possible. When you read what is written on those pictures of hope you realize how you are lucky to at least have a place to live and be able to enjoy life with almost what you want when you have a family. In reading that, it helps also to realize that we all do not need that much to enjoy life, but we always ask more than what we need. 


Inspiring women
Your title was really appealing which made me want to read the rest of your work. Virtue ethics is a theory supported by Aristotle and Socrates that focusses on defining what is a good life and what makes a good person rather than questioning what are good acts. It relates to your news summary since Virtue Ethics would consider Linda Solomon’s act as ethical since she did it by pure generosity and generosity is a positive character trait which make her a good person.

To Aristotle the central questions revolves around character. The woman in this article is a symbol of good virtues and helping people. Virtue ethics is basically the traits that make up a person and if these traits are deemed "good" or "ethical" by the society. Linda Solomon possesses good the virtues of helping people which society sees as being good and therefore she is a good person.

Nice and encouraging towards humanity! Even if sentence structure could be improved, this article demonstrates a great act analysed with good examples.

This topic relates to Utilitarianism because Linda Solomon seeks the greatest good for the most children possible. Since she sacrifices herself to bring happiness to others, Linda acts accordingly to Utilitarianism because an act can be defined as good only if its consequences seek for the common good of the whole.