Health and youth: Helping children make you feel better, so why not?

by Amelie E-D on April 14, 2015 - 8:49am

Health and youth: Helping children make you feel better, so why not?


Original Title: Disabled children 'left in pain'

Date of publication: February 18t, 2015

Ruth Clegg


The issue that I will cover is about the children that need help from hospitals or different organisms because of their disabilities or handicaps. The problem is that often, those children are left to themselves or only with their family because there is not enough resources for all of them, which is really sad. They all need help. The article Disabled children ‘left in pain’ is clearly showing the problem.

It shows us that children are ‘left in pain’ because of all the cuts there are in the health service. In this article, they are principally talking about the UK, but it is clearly the same issue in many countries around the world. There is not enough specialists to diagnose the children. As a result, children diseases get worse because the process is too slow before they get the required specialists to take care of them. This article is studying a specific child. Her name is Ruby and it took more than a year before this little girl gets help from specialists. This girl needed help to do casual things such as eating or even writing. She was a special case that needed help really fast, but it is unfortunately not what happened for her and many other children around the world. The problem is that there is not enough organization around the world to help those children in need. The reason behind this is probably also because there is not enough people that are volunteering. Maybe there is not enough school for those children too. Those schools are there to help them in life and make them becoming more independent.


There is a school in St-Lambert that is part of the Riverside School Board. This school is called REACH        (Realistic Educational Alternatives for Children with Handicaps). This establishment is there to welcome children that have disabilities or handicaps. They want to help them to become more independent. It constitutes seven classes and counts 65 students. It offers different programs more about the way of living for children aged of 4 to 21 years old. This establishment is the only English public school that is offering those kinds of programs for children in the Montreal area. I found this organization really interesting. Since I wanted volunteer for the Defi Sportif at the beginning, I chose to volunteer for REACH school instead. I changed my mind simply because it was more accessible, but it stays the same kind of volunteering. On Wednesday, April 15th, students from REACH school are going to come at Champlain for a social activity. David Persons is one of the responsible for the organization of this activity. First, we will be like their servers in the cafeteria. We will serve them food and talk with them. After, we will go in the gymnasium to play different games with them and just have fun. This kind of activity makes us feel so lucky for two main reasons: first, because we realise the chances we have to be able to do all what we want; second, we are simply lucky to enjoy a moment like that with those teenagers. They all have a big heart and this love of life that we should all have, but we often see the problems before the good things. Those teenagers remember us to smile in every occasion we have. It will be beneficial for them too because it’s an occasion to make them forget their problems too and showing them that they are not different than anybody else because we will all play the same sports together, so at the end, there is no difference. We are all humans and we all breathe the same air to stay alive.


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