A Good Education for Women Means a Good Future

by Rose D. on April 19, 2015 - 5:10pm


On the 18th of April 2015, Singapore’s Women’s Wing of the People Action Party has taken new initiative to help women’s understanding of the basics of finances with the main focus on retirement needs. This initiative called “Top Up With Love” will help women acknowledge government retirement programs and take advantage of them, as there appears to be a big gap between between women's lifetime savings compared to men in the country. Although “Top Up With Love” doesn’t look for educating women in the details of financing, it will certainly help them apprehend it’s general principles to help them save their earnings responsibly for their retirement. Many women in Singapore are home-makers or have dropped out during their prime working age to take care of their family, so it is understandable that they need to carefully manage the savings that they able to get for their future. In general, Women’s Wing new program will improve women’s well-being, support women to fulfil career and family aspirations and help women plan for retirement. The program will also be very accessible for all women who need assistance.


This is very good news for all women in Singapore. They will have a much better understanding on finances and it will certainly enable them to become much more independent. On the other hand, in other countries, women still have no access to any sort of education that will help them understand what plans their government have for them in terms of economy and politics. This causes them to be forced into staying at home to take care of their family and to be completely dependant to their husbands. It is almost as if these women’s futures are men’s decisions to what to make of them. Without education, women will never be able to reach equality with men. The only solution to this is to enable women to have access to essential education, just like what Singapore did to help women plan for their future. Once this essential education is given, women will finally be able to move on to higher quality education and things will hopefully go on for the best.

This article called “PAP Women's Wing to launch financial education program for women” was published the 18th of April 2015 on Channel NewsAsia. Here is a link to the article:



Women have the opportunity to be powerful, successful and influential in society, sadly in other places of the world, woman have restrictions on their education and are categorized as caretakers and personal home cooks. In order to provide education for woman across the globe, not only women need to back up the issue of women inequality but men as well. Men need to understand that women are equals to men, we are all human and nobody deserves to be treated differently. Heres an article that can help, its about the different attitudes between female and male entrepreneurs, I believe that combining both perspectives of men and woman can help create a better, more stable world.


You do a good job at explaining the “Top Up With Love” initiative in Singapore, which prior to reading your post, I had not heard of. I agree with all the points you make and how you approach the issue of women’s education through a utilitarian framework. Utilitarianism is a moral philosophy that determines an action as moral if it results in the greatest good for the greatest number. You conclude that all women need access to education in order for them to have successful futures. Thus, by defining the action you propose that allows for the greatest number of women to be successful to be moral, you hold a utilitarian position with this issue. Although the “Top Up With Love” initiative does not serve as an educational tool for women in Singapore, it aids them in comprehending retirement programs. I agree with your view in which you state that these programs can lead to higher education for women. These programs promote the idea that women can benefit from what they are being taught. Therefore, offering women education can be the next step to giving women an opportunity to not only learn, but to also apply their learnings to their environment. Ultimately, I believe all societies need to approach this issue through a utilitarian moral framework. They need to provide more programs and potentially more education to women, as to build a better and improved world.