Canada A Land Of Opportunities?

by JRajotte on January 26, 2015 - 11:09pm

            In the article Roma Family Fearful of Deportation to Hungary written on the Montreal Gazette website by Marian Scott on January 20, 2015 it is stated that a family of Roma refuges from Hungary are to be deported by the 28th of January. The family first arrived in Canada after having been victims of three attacks on family members in 2011. According to the article, the Roma which consist of a minority in Hungary have been victims of rising racism in the past 5 years in Hungary. The family being attacked three times made the family fear that should attacks could reoccur and that they are not safe in Hungary. Due to these violent attacks the family has sought refugee status in Canada. According to the article, in 2012 the Government of Canada passes the Refugee Exclusion Act which makes it harder for refuge from countries designed as safe to become refugees. Due to this act a family that has been living in Canada for the past 4-5 years will be denied refugee status and will be broken apart. Two members of the family have been granted the status while the remaining family members are to be deported.

          The situation is shameful. To breaking up a family which has been living free of discrimination, enjoying great opportunities by building a new life and truly enjoying being free from persecution should be considered a crime. The government should reconsider giving this family and other families who faces persecution in their own country a chance to build a new life. The Government of Canada should also abolish or amend the refugee exclusion act which could be considered discriminatory in nature as it tries to discourage refuge claims from certain areas such as the Roma in Hungary. The act has caused many similar situation to occur, families should be kept together. A refuge claim is a serious claim, rarely are they without foundation.

Here are other similar cases that have occurred since the implementation of the Refugee Exclusion Act:

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