Are you sure you should trust Nike?

by Amelie E-D on February 3, 2015 - 3:14am

Daily Mail

Original title: Nike workers 'kicked, slapped and verbally abused' at factories making Converse

Author: Daily Mail Reporter

Date of Publication: July 13, 2011, 13:47, GMT



We all agree, Nike is one of the biggest company in production of sport clothes that fit very well, but they are quite expensive and there is no reason for that. Why? Simply because the workers are almost all under paid and also physically and mentally abused by their supervisors in some factories, like the one in Sukabumi in Taiwan. Also, the problem of child labor is very present in this company. So, when we buy Nike products we indirectly encourage all this violence against those women and kids. Is this really your intention? Probably not, but I believe it should be important that everybody spread the word just to be fully aware of this sad reality. The company certainly has standards for their own factories, that they all are supposed to respect, but they don’t. The supervisors really need to change their way of working to meet the standards of the company, but unfortunately the problem will always stay the same everywhere: the money. Nobody is satisfied with what they have and this is why they always want to make more money in any possible way, even if it is illegal or unfavorable for someone else. Those supervisors only think about themselves and their own pocket, unfortunately not their employees before. For example, a woman did a mistake; she just did not cut correctly a piece of rubber for a sole and the supervisor kicked her. They use physical violence for absolutely nothing. Nobody can say anything, if they decide to talk, they are fired. Their salary is also horrible. The workers are not even making a dollar per hour, more precisely 50 cents per hour. It is enough for them to live, but only the basic stuff. The situation is awful and we can all make it change by stopping the purchase of Nike products. Here in Canada, we have a homemade brand named Lululemon, which is very good quality. Maybe it is a little bit more expansive than Nike is, but I strongly believe that it is worth it.


I believe my source is reliable, but until a certain point because I explored the website and there are news that appears on other reliable websites such as CBC or CTV, which are probably the biggest for news in Canada. I never heard about this website, but I think it is simply because it is a German website. On the other side, there is no more proof than that to say that it is reliable because there is no specific writer, but I already heard, in the past, about Nike industries who were very poor towards their employees in Asia.


I strongly agree with Amelie E-D that we should not trust Nike. The post was very well written and straight forward to the point which was good. Nike is a company who mass produces their products in factories outside of America so they can lower the workers conditions and treat them horribly. The problem with Nike is they do an amazing job of advertising their product so most people want to buy their products but do not know how bad their production system really is. This creates an ethical dilemma where people want to save money to buy their products cheap but do not want to support the poor working conditions that take place in the production of the Nike product. Do they value their saving money or stopping poor working conditions in other countries more? Many would think the decision is a simple one but disappointingly most people choose to save money.