Animal Cruelty: The Ugly Truth About how we Treat Man’s Best Friend

by louisp on January 24, 2015 - 7:51pm

On an article untitled Puppy mill uncovered on a farm in Quebec’s Eastern Township published on May 24, 2014, CBC News describe one of many situations regarding animal cruelty in Quebec. This source is reliable because CBC News is a renowned media, and, also, because the same information concerning this particular event can be found in many other online journals. This particular case takes place in the farm Les P’tites Pattes Poilues at Bonsecour, a little community located between the cities of Sherbrooke and Granby. On May 23, Quebec agriculture Officials did a routine visit and found more than 220 dogs that were, apparently, in a very deplorable condition. Indeed, many of them had patches of fur missing, infections, and many females were pregnant. According to Quebec’s provincial law, someone found guilty of running an illegal puppy mill has to pay a fine included between $600 to $12,000.  


This article is just another example to show that, unfortunately, Quebec has become a paradise for owners of puppy mill. Even if, legally speaking, dogs are considered as objects, they still have feelings and emotions but, most importantly, they can feel pain. Thus, as a community, it is not normal to accept animal cruelty. In my opinion, Gandhi said something very thoughtful regarding this issue: “The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animal are treated.” According to this citation, I think that the population has a big role to play to defend the right of animals. First, people, especially neighbors, who suspect a dog breeder of abusing animals should not tolerate this illegal practice and call the authorities. Also, I believe that it is our role as a society to ask to the Minister of Justice of Quebec to show the right example by making more severe laws, like many other Provinces in Canada did, to show that Quebeckers do not accept this behavior.


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I really enjoyed your piece. This is an important subject that is far too ignored in Quebec. I also really appreciate the quote you included from Gandhi. It is perfectly suited to your point. It is truly outrageous that animal abusers can get away so freely in Quebec. Here is a link to an article on the SPCA website regarding the current legislature in Quebec: There are some shocking lacks in our legal system that are putting animals at risk. So I really believe that the key to fighting animal cruelty will lie in the hands of the law makers because even if you notice your neighbour is committing acts of animal cruelty, no real consequences will fall upon him/her. Did you know that in Quebec, even repeat offenders do not ever receive jail time? Animal protection laws in Quebec are a complete joke and like you, I believe is truly where improvement is needed.

Thank you for taking the time to write about animals' fate. You are right on target when you say it is a matter of society; we all need to open our eyes to help the most vulnerable. But don't you think warning is better than healing? There is a big societal/human issue if people don't even bother to consider animals as equal to them. Maybe it sounds utopic but at a broader level, people need to be educated better. Educated on empathy and compassion, towards humans of course but animals as well. Considering that children are open books, we could guide them towards a less-competitive system of learning that would bring them to experiment another range of values. But for the moment, law enforcement is a good way to start. And to finish on a more positive note, I wanted to show you the efforts Quebecers have made to change animals’ legal status in the province. HOPE and don’t forget to sign, folks!

I am happy i came to this post, as i began to read on this article i was shocked to read about how many puppies were in one mill. They do not Deserve to be treated that way. And i agree with you that there must be more severe laws that should be put into place to keep these cruel people away from doing and harm to these poor animals. Once i read upon the pregnant females it put me more into a panic, how could they do this to those unfortunate animals? I am glad they were caught, i believe the people of Quebec should understand that dogs are living creature too and they are on the same planet we live in. Without my dogs I'm nothing and to hear about someone else dog being mistreated i go crazy. Come on Quebec we should not let people do these kind of things to animals, please help the SPA and all other supporters of the animal kingdom, stop these horrible people from harming animals.