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by Alisoncampbell on December 7, 2017 - 7:42pm


Alison Campbell

As a volunteer, I worked with Engage animals. They are an organization that aims to teach the youth about animal rights. We, as a group, met with them for a couple hours discussing the ways they could improve the way they reach youth and how they could share their message more effectively. We also put up some fliers around the south shore because that is an area they have a really hard time reaching most of the people. Lastly, we were supposed to attend their workshop on Saturday, Dec 9th but unfortunately, I will not be able to attend because of work. It is something I definitely would have liked to attend and I am disappointed that I cannot but I have no choice.

In a September 2016 article in the Journal de Montreal written by Annie Ross, I found a great description of Le service Animalier de la Rive-Sud. Although the article is quite old, I still believe it is a very useful article. The Service Animalier de la Rive-Sud is a shelter the organization is working with. In the article, the author mentions what the shelter does to help animals. It mentions how many animals the shelter receives a year and how they try and find them a forever home. They work with the animals to make them the best options for anyone looking to adopt instead of adopting from a store.


Engage is trying to educate youth about animals overall to try and reduce the number of people leaving animals in the future. They want people to realize that getting a pet is a very big commitment and that once you have gotten a pet you shouldn’t get rid of it unless it's giving it to someone who is ready to also take great care of it.


For the multimedia aspect. I would have loved to make a video of what a workshop is like. But since I won’t be able to attend the one that is coming up this weekend. I would love to try and attend another one coming up and paying it myself and then making the video and offering it to Engage so they can post it on their social media to get people informed about what exactly their workshops are. 


Your project is very interesting, I like that you are going to send a video you made yourself to Engage, it shows that you care about your project and you are dedicated to the cause because making a video isn't an easy thing. I would've liked for you to post a link to their website and also maybe summarize a research article and give stats concerning the proportion of abandoned pets in the area you were volunteering in.

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