Strong Concerns About Uncontrolled Nature

by AliciaFoisy on September 5, 2017 - 10:22pm

Now that the hurricane Harvey has passed, no time to take a minute to breathe that Irma, another natural disaster fits our calendar. ‘‘Florida Prepares for Powerful Hurricane Irma’’, an article that was posted Sept. 5, 2017 by The New York Times shows what Florida residents are facing. They want to be prepared, the Americans learned from their experience with Harvey and also ready to face the hurricane that is due on Saturday in Florida. This hurricane of category 5 is creating a lot of insecurity, residents of Florida are all looking for the same supply, bottled water and also plywood to nail over windows. Usually people that live there do not like to get prepared, but what happened a few weeks ago in Texas have scared most of them, so they want to be ready. A mandatory evacuation has been put in place in Monroe Country, including the Florida Keys, we are talking about schools and government offices that will be closed by Wednesday this week. The National Hurricane Center is introducing Irma as ‘‘the most powerful Atlantic storm ever recorded outside the Caribbean Sea and Gulf of Mexico.’’ On Tuesday afternoon, the hurricane has already passed on the Caribbean and southern United States with winds of 185 miles per hours. Many people of the city are worried not being able to find all they need before the hurricane strikes. People are spending their day collecting water, candles, matches and also canned food. It’s getting harder and harder to find water in local stores and it isn’t easier in bigger stores like Wal-Mart and Target. People are waiting in lines at early hours hopping to get what they need. Within the years, we are facing more and more natural disasters. From a positive point of view, we hope that it won't be as devastating as predicted and that most of human lifes will be spared.


The source of this article is a reliable one. Of course there are some tips to help you to guide yourself to find if whether your source is or isn't reliable. At first you need to ask yourself if the information you already knew about the subject fit with your readings. In my case, yes. Everywhere on the news, hurricane Irma is the main subject these days. So I already had a lot of knowledge about this news. Then you have to choose reliable press review with good credibility. Reuters was the one for my news article, it is a Canada-British news agency and a leading professional, financial and legal publishing. In addition, you have to look for the quality of the information that is given through the article. In the one I read, there were statistics and facts provided by The National Hurricane Center. 


Hi Alicia,

I must say that I like how you write. I like how you take a serious subject and that when you talk about it, you give out all the major most shocking points to keep your reader’s attention all the way through its reading. Also, following the events that happened this week, I would like to bring to your attention the CBC News’s article entitled Hurricane Irma flattens Caribbean islands, heads for Turks and Caicos, published the 7th of September, 2017. I think that if you were to add on to your text, this particular article would help emphasize the danger and threat hurricane Irma is. I also think this article can be good for you because it was published by our government, by our Canadian government which also takes full responsibility on this specific article as being an author.

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