Seeking Physical Perfection Even in the Horses Industry

by Corali on October 24, 2017 - 11:04am

Seeking Physical Perfection Even in the Horses Industry

Horses are majestic creatures and they are the symbol of freedom. Humans have, long before, decided to make them their partner. But today, this relationship between certain human and horse become an ethical problem. On Thursday, October 12th, 2017, Patrick Barkham, a natural history writer, posted an article on The Guardian named “Vets warn that “extreme breeding” could harm horses”. It’s about a baby horse of about 9 mouth that is “close to perfection” or simply unnatural according to different points of view.

The El Rey Magnum is a baby Arabian horse who is the result of extreme breeding from Orrion Farms. What we call breeding is when human decided of the reproduction of horses. Like when a female will have a baby and with which stallion. When the controversy occurs it’s extreme breeding that fundamentally changes the appearance of the horse and could affect its health. In Barkham’s article Tim Greet, an equine specialist did not believe what he saw when he first sees El Ray Magnum. He said that Arabian horse already had flat nose compared to other horse but with this baby, it really goes “to a ridiculous level”. Adele Waters is the editor of Veterinary Records who is the official journals of the British Veterinary Association and she also thinks that it goes too far she said that her first thoughts when she sees El Ray Magnum were “Is this the work of CGI trickery?”! Both Waters and Greet, think that his non-compliant appearance could cause him breathing problem. Also, Dr. Madeleine Campbell, an equine reproduction specialist, said that “any trend towards breeding for extremes of form which might adversely affect normal function must be condemned, on welfare grounds.”

That’s not all, this baby horse of only nine months is already worth for several thousand dollars. So there need to be people to like and support this extreme breeding because they want horses like El Ray Magnum. Doug Leadley, the primary breeding adviser of Orrion Farms, think that the baby horse is very close to the perfection and that people who criticize just don’t understand breeding horse world. But Adele Waters has a good point of view on this issue. “it has been bred to meet the demands of a particular market that likes a particular appearance. Where will it end? Is it really so bad for a horse to look like a horse and not a cartoon character?

The Historical Research is an academic journal that has an article that can be useful to understand where breeding horse industry comes from and its evolution across the ages. Also, there is the History Today that is a Periodical and that can be useful because there is an article that informs us on the debate about genetic engineering in horse breeding. Another academic journal of interest is the Journal of Socio-Economics because it has an article on the regulation of horse breeding industry.


Photo credit: Orrion Farms


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