Reconsidering the World's Largest Free Trade Movement

by megan green on September 5, 2017 - 11:35pm

In an article from The New York Times written on September 1st 2017 by Prashant S. Rao, allegations regarding the president of the United States wanting to modify or perhaps even terminate the North American Free Trade Agreement have been announced due to Trump being unsatisfied with its current relationships. This treaty was effective in 1994 and allowed Canada, Mexico and the US. to exchange goods & services by removing barriers and with the main purpose being to build our economy and grow as a whole. It is the biggest free trade bloc in the world. The United States claim that they are losing jobs because of this agreement and it is not living up to the high expectations they once had. Trump believes Mexico is "using us" for their own benefits therefore he thinks adjustments must be made in order to keep this agreement stable and balanced. Trump requests that changes come into affect if not the treaty may no longer exist.


My source is reliable because I was able to do some research on the topic and find deeper information on it and other point of views as well. Throughout the article, you are able to click on an underlined word/phrase where it redirects you to another similar, yet reliable piece regarding the same issue but from another author and therefore, you can further your research and studies. I was also capable of doing a very quick background check on the author of the article I have chosen and learned that he is the Deputy Europe Business Editor of The New York Times.


Hello Megan. I am grateful that by reading your article, I was able to learn one or two things on the NAFTA issue currently taking place. Your summary of the article was very well presented to your audience seeing as you only described the key elements of the issue. I would, on the other hand, perhaps want you to reconsider the reliability of the source since you clearly mentioned that the author of the article is the Deputy Europe Business Editor of the New York Times, and the issue presented is about the North American Free Trade Agreement and not the Europian Free Trade Agreement. The author of the article is clearly not related or affected by this issue in any way therefore remains an unreliable source of information regarding the issue mentioned in the article.

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