Peace keepers to blame

by Alisoncampbell on September 5, 2017 - 6:44pm

David Bell wrote for CBC News on August 30th 2017 about 3 police officers being blamed for kidnapping and assaulting a man who allegedly had important information on a subject that they were investigating. Other police officers say they are completely behind the three charged officers and defending them. The real problem here is that if the people charged for these crimes were not police officers, no one would support them like that and they would probably get in much more trouble. I believe this source is reliable because CBC news is a reliable news source. It is a source many people turn to when they are interested in finding out what is going on in the world. After deeper research on the author himself, I found a resume page online with references of past employers complimenting his work ethics and person as a whole. He has a big past in journalism, photo and video journalism and reporting. Bell has been working for CBC News since 2015 but has a past in the field with other companies. He also has a Bachelor of Communication – Journalism along a Business Administration Diploma – Human Resources both from Mount Royal University In Calgary. His studies and past in journalism proves that he knows what he is doing and his facts are well researched and true.








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I was not aware of this incident before reading your post, thank you for sharing, and I found it curious since three police men are being investigated for kidnap. I also liked that you researched the author and found references of a past employer. While reading the news article you provided I found that it was relatively small and that it was lacking in detail. I looked for another article to support the information you have and I found one written by Bryan Passifiume in the Calgary Herald on August 30, 2017. The video provided in this article is only 2 minutes with concentrated information, while the one from the original video is all of the briefing done by Acting Supt. Don Coleman, 12 minutes long. This article provides more information about the incident and I find it peculiar how the victim never made a complaint but the fourth officer did.

The article I found to add more to your information I believe is reliable because it was written in a Calgary newspaper and since the incident happened in Calgary, I believe that they have more resources to rightfully talk about it. By resources, I mean actually going to the police precinct and find more information, also talk to the officer’s colleagues and know more about the investigation. I also researched the author and found him in the Calgary Suns website which stated some facts about him and previous work he did.

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