Order at our border

by Louis von Bergaby on August 29, 2017 - 10:36pm

We see, since January 2017, a major increase of illegal migrants who cross the border between the United States and Quebec. Where do they come from and why did they choose to come here? Well, most of the migrants are from Haiti and came to the US after the 2010 earthquake. Obama had given them a temporary protected status so they could stay in the country while Haiti was being rebuilt. However, Donald Trump said that he would remove their temporary protected status and expulse the Haitians of the US. Threatened by the new elected president, many of them decided to move up north to Canada.


The migrants crisis is an important issue that Quebec should address. Like Alex Ballingall wrote in an article published on the website the star.com on Thursday, August 17th 2017, the number of illegal passengers had slowly increased at the beginning of the year but is now multiplied by ten. A refugee camp near Saint-Bernard-de-Lacolle have already been installed at the border to host all the asylium seekers who arrive by hundred each day. The Olympic Stadium in Montreal also hosts a lot of them in its basement like a lot of other places in the region. However, the amount of illegal migrants is increasing so fast that the government had to create a new camp in Ontario. According to the article, approximately 7000 migrants have crossed the border since July 1rst, 2017. The asylium seekers problem also divides the public opinion. For their part, the Liberals support the welcoming of those migrants in our country and the Conservatives accuse Justin Trudeau’s government of negligence towards the situation.


I think that we should not accept people who are coming from illegal passages and deliver them paychecks, health care and free education because they used to enter to Canada by a illegal way. By welcoming them and giving them all what they want, we are destroying our immigration system and encouraging the non-conventional immigration who is considered as criminal. I think it is unfair for people who want to come to Canada by legal ways to be refused while illegal migrants get accepted as refugees. May I say that moving to another country because this one is better is not a condition to be considered as a refugee. According the UN, you are eligible if you can prove that you fear for your life if you go back to your origin country. A great majority of the migrants who arrive in Quebec by illegal ways are not refugees and should be sent back immediately to their country. In my opinion, if they want better life conditions, they should do what everybody else do: get their papers and enter the country without breaking the law. I am extremely welcoming by nature, but I have for value, order, and what is happening at the border is nothing like order.