New Power against Power

by Alisoncampbell on November 1, 2017 - 10:13pm

 An October 19th, 2017, article titled “Adani coal mine 'devastating' for Australia” Found on the Aljazeera website, a Qatar media company, has author Mary Ann Jolley talking about the detrimental effects on the environment of a new coal mine about to open in Australia. The Adani Group, a leader in Indian energy, is planning on creating possibly the biggest coal mine in the world and it would be located in Australia. This company even has the Australian government behind them as they tell the Australian people this will be good for them, creating jobs and deliver royalties. But other people see it differently. Farmers believe it could contaminate the surrounding water which they give to their animals. And because coal mining is the most water-intensive methods to generate electricity, they fear for the water levels of the surroundings. “Adani has stated it will use 12 billion liters of water annually at the mine.” Which is an unbelievable amount but makes much sense considering it would be the biggest coal mine in the world. And not only that, The carbon emissions from extracting and burning coal could have a huge impact on the worlds “Great Barrier Reef”. We can definitely see that there is a huge problem here but there is a way to help.


Old power and New Power are two very important concepts to understand. Old Power is something that is owned by a few, inaccessible, and its owned most usually by the powerful. A great example to understand old power would be the company Apple. Almost everyone owns one of their products, but not many know exactly how they are made and their “recipe” for success. No one but the few employees in charge can give their ideas on how to improve the products. But New Power is the complete opposite. New Power is made by many, pushes participation, it is shared and opened. An example of that would be the Crowdfunding organization. They are a free online platform that let people raise money or donate to non-profit organizations, a charity, or even a person that is in need of help.


This is exactly how someone who is bothered by the Adani coal mine project could do to help.  Many groups are raising money to help stop this in their own ways. But this one, in particular, is very close to their goal. They are trying to raise 18,000 so that they can keep two very important members on their team. These people could possibly change the game. There are 9 days left for them to reach their goal and hopefully, they can make it. This is a perfect example of New Power because it is getting many people involved to stop something together. They are all sharing a goal and working towards the same thing.

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