The Life of a Circus Tiger

by Corali on September 17, 2017 - 8:55pm


On July 29, 2017, on One Green Planet website, Corrine Henn has published an article named “How Life for a Circus Tiger Compares to the Life of a Wild Tiger”. She starts by saying that there is more tiger in captivity in the USA than it is free in nature. Some people often think circus and zoo saved them from disappearing, but when a tiger born in captivity, he can never go back to the wild. So circus does more to kidnap them from their natural environment than to save them.


In a circus, a tiger is keept in a small cage without any similarity with his natural environment. On average, their “houses” are about four “to five feet wide and eight feet long” but tiger body can grow up to 10 feet! This inappropriate living area creates unusual behavior like over-grooming and a lot of frustration. They do all their stuff in this tiny prison and pass most of their time on it when they don’t do a show. In comparison, wild tiger territory can be larger than 40 square miles. They could play, explore and hunt on it what circus tiger can’t do in their cage.


Either they are captivated born tiger or a wild one that being captured, they all pass by the learning process. During this time, they are beaten and starved to force them to obey. They do things during the shows that they can’t naturally do and Corrine Henn described them like “terrified animal that has been beaten into submission and forced to perform”. Circus stole them their natural instinct like hunting and go against it like putting many tigers together during shows while they are not animals who live in a pack. It causes them boredom and unnatural behavior like a higher level of aggressiveness.


Last summer, I went to an amusement park named Busch Garden in Virginia. There were animals like horses, little birds named Lorikeet and eagles. But what interested me first was the wolves and I was very excited to see real wolves. But when I saw them, I realized how their life was pathetic. They do tricks to be fed and give hugs to the trainer. They don’t have a forest for running and they can’t hunt. Wolves are majestic creatures and I felt so bad to support this unnatural performance. So I wished to be able to stop this and just release them into the wild where they should be.

That’s why I promised to stop paying for wild animal shows and instead support wildlife organization to help wild animal stays free.


Circus Tiger by Maureen Siegart

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