Legalizing Marijuana: is it the Best Decision for Canada?

by Rice on October 23, 2017 - 10:13pm

On March 22,2016,Nachshon Goltz,from Canada-United States Law Journal wrote about how we Canadians could seriously benefit from the legalization of recreational marijuana. In this article he first develops on the smoking patterns in Canada.Goltz demonstrates that the use of marijuana is widespread amongst canadians and that the current system in place is thus not an effective deterrent. Goltz expands on the fact that the legalization of marijuana has some benefits: conserving law enforcement resources,enhancing revenues, and promoting individual freedom. Furthermore,Goltz compares the regulatory regime in Colorado and in Washington.He specifically compares three major aspects surrounding this issue: legalization history, regulatory framework, and taxation.Goltz explains, that these three aspects determine and affect the retail price of marijuana in these states.From this, Goltz extrapolates that just in Ontario, Canada stands to lose on “$351,462,936 of annual sales from marijuana alone.” Finally, Goltz explains, that the “Use of marijuana is here to stay, whether or not it is criminalized.” and that from our current understanding, the pros highly outweigh the cons.For those reasons, he believes marijuana should and will be legal in Canada.

  1. American Journal of Public Health, This journal is relevant to the issue of legalizing marijuana, since articles like: Crash Fatality Rates After Recreational Marijuana Legalization in Washington and Colorado appear in it

  2. Brown University Child & Adolescent Behavior Letter,  This journal is relevant to this issue since articles like: Editorials urge focus on science when it comes to marijuana appear in it.

  3. Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics, This journal is relevant to this issue since articles like:  Driving Under the Influence of Marijuana Laws and the Public's Health: Public Health and the Law appear in it.

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